Prayer for the New Business I am Opening

by Joyce (Mission Hills CA 91345)

I have a goal to officially launch in January 2014 my new senior publication. I have worked so hard on this and it seems the closer I get the harder it becomes. I ask for prayers to send me the advertisers I need to fulfill my goal. Everything else is in order.

I need guidance to the right people to see the vision of what we do and how it will help not only the advertiser but the many seniors who need these services. I have given of myself freely for over three years helping and coming to the aid of so many seniors with no financial support. Working with my heart not ever thinking of how I would benefit financially.

Since my husband loss his job of over 20 years over a year ago, I have had to be the bread earner trying my hands at real estate. I knew the Lord was guiding me to continue helping seniors because to this date I have over 1.100. Through the grace of God I realized how I can continue to help seniors yet make a living.

I need prayers to help me get my advertisers and resources to make this possible. This will be life changing for all my seniors who will once again live life and not let life live them.

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