prayer for the man i love

by Brittany (Los Angeles,Ca)

Please help me pray for a miracle I am in love with a man that is famous in music and he has a drug addiction. He has many women that want to be with him and provide him with substance. I pray for the miracle that he will see a light with me I know I can make him happy but he has no trust for women at all as a couple of them that he opened his heart to really abused it and did allot of mean things. I know I can make him happy please pray that he sees this soon he has me hang on to hope and then when I new woman is around he likes to dispose of me and say mean things and then bring me back in. Im in love and go back to this. I don’t know what to do anymore I guess I am a bit worried of leering go I have lost my parents when I was 21 and know I have an issue with this as well as far as letting people go that I love. I just want to be with him and I know it will work just need some help. Then the addiction I know I can resolve once he’s happy I know I can.

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