Prayer for the man I love to reconsider a relationship with me

Lord, I know I have faltered in my appreciation and treatment of my boyfriend and the time we had together. I truly believe that you put things in place for us to become friends again and to grow closer this time around. He is going through a situation which has separated us and I pray that you open his eyes and his heart, that he may see what he deserves and recognize his worth.

Please help us to understand each other better. Help me in my journey as I seek to become a better person and help him to realize that he deserves good in his life. I pray that he can be happy and not made to feel guilty about the decisions that he has made in the past, and that he recognizes that he doesn’t need to abandon one relationship in order to mend another.

Please dear God, bring us back together. Guide his thoughts and his heart and may he continue to be the kind hearted person I know he is. Remove from him all nonchalance and restore in him the realization that you brought us back into each others lives for good reason. I pray Lord that I continue to have faith in you and am ready to welcome him back into my life. I also pray that I learn from the mistakes I made and vow to be a better person for you, for him, for others and for myself.

Help us to re-connect and build upon the love that you put in our hearts that we may spend the rest of our lives together. Bless us always. Amen