Prayer for the man I love to not be afraid and financial help

by Betty (Riverside County, Calif)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am asking for prayers to help me. I recently met a man that I have fallien in love with. He has feelings for me but is scared. He has had relationships in the past that have ended due to cheating. He has not dated in a long time and just put a wall up. Somehow, he started to have feelings for me and I have as well. I believe he is my soul mate, friend, and the strength I need. We have everything in common and get along extremely well.. He has talked about dating exclusively but yet is afraid of being hurt. I would never hurt him. I care about him too much. I have experienced the pain that comes with cheating. It is a pain like no other. I am asking for prayers for him to let go of his fears and to love. He recently left to do training and we sort have no way to contact each other. I ask that he be brought back into my life.I miss him so much. I think of him day and night. I love him dearly. I believe God made us meet for a reason. Please God, hear my pain and help me and pray for me. I alslo ask for help in finances. I am struggling supporting a house of 6 people and I am the only one working. My job has had hours cut and so everything is building up bill wise. I try to do the best I can but I feel like I am failing. Please hear my prayers Lord.

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