Prayer for the man I just met

by Mary (Arkansas)

I just recently met a man on a dating site on the internet. We have had a strong connection/attraction from the beginning. The problem is he is in New York. I am in Arkansas. We have yet to talk on the phone but he has already said he wants to meet me. I feel the same.

I have been asking God for a life partner for many years. I have been praying that he is the one that God has chosen to be my life partner but things have happened so fast. There is so much we would need to talk about.Thoughts and feelings we would need to share. Find out what our beliefs are and much more.

I hope and pray that this man is the one who God wants me to be with but if he is not the one, I pray that God guides me to the companion He has in mind for me and that my lonliness in my heart will be gone soon.

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