Prayer for the love you brought back into my life

The love you brought back into my life.the man you gave me bless his heart and make it tender abd understanding toward me. Let him have an immediate change toward me.God I ask in the name of Jesus that you remove from his life all these other women, mrkalhnsfj and any other female who intends to destroy us.

GOD that you give them their own husbands. If they refuse to leave then curse them financially and in health.remove these types of women with their evil spirits. Bring my love you gave to me by whatever means it take God. Kill his business end his friendships thatvlead him astray. Open his heart toward me and deliver him from that lieing spirit.

You gave him to me God and the enemy took him.Once more God uphold me wit thy right hand and turn this situation back in my favor.I give you all the honor and glory.