Prayer for the Love of My Life

by Alie (Oklahoma)

In the name of our Holy Father, I am asking You, Heavenly Lord, to please

prevent and keep away any and all cancer from
returning to my love, Rhett.

I ask You, Lord, to please bless Rhett with an extended, longer living, healthy, pain free, cancer free ,daily life with me. Please, Father, bless Rhett and I with a wonderful, long, healthy life together. Bless us in every way, during every day of our lives, together. Keep the cancer at bay.

I know, that without You, in our lives, we are powerless. Only You can grant the miracle of healing Rhett and of allowing Rhett and I to share a truly long, loving, healthy, happy, successful, decent, christian life together for many many years to come.

I know You will show mercy and blessing upon each of us each day. I trust and believe in and follow You, Holy Father in all things. In the name of Jesus, I thank you and I pray to You, always and forever. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.