Prayer for the love of my life

by Cara (US)

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I found the love of my life-I have shared my most happy and sacred memories and moments with him. I would not trade those times for anything in the world.

I found the person who saved me, who made me laugh, who with one smile or wink made me melt, when he held me I felt like there was no one in the world but us two, I fell in love with him more and more each and every single day to the point where sometimes I thought my heart would explode.
I made an honest to God mistake when entirely too many drinks were involved – I became a person whom I didnt even know existed inside of me – I lost all sense of memory from my overdoing it – never been so scared because I didn’t know that it was possible to do something so terrible and not be able to remember it – I am not sure why – or how – I kissed another man in front of my boyfriend, my soulmate – this other man was his best friend – I dont know if in my state I thought it was my boyfriend? I just dont know – it is so out of character for me – I dont even look at other men, I dont see myself with anyone else, I would never want to..
I betrayed his trust in me, I betrayed my trust in myself…It will be a long road to recovery for both my boyfriend and I – I have been praying to God for strength for us both, for forgiveness for what I have done, for courage to face all that have in a sense “crucified” me for my mistake, and for the self control to never take drinking that far again.
I ask that anyone who is willing please help me pray, please help the Lord mend both of our broken hearts, please let us go back to where we once were, and please help me to find some peace of mind in the damage I have caused upon both of us.

Every day on my way home from work when I passed by my church, I would say a prayer untilI reached home – not a day went by (before all of this) where I didnt take the time to thank God for bringing my boyfriend into my life, for making me the happiest woman in the world…in a way, I also feel like I betrayed God a little bit too..
Please help me pray to God for his forgiveness as well.

God Bless.

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  1. Future husband

    I’m praying that God will bring back my future husband to me and that our love for each other will grow stronger and together we will serve the lord.

  2. I can't give up

    You put my best friend in my life and I fell in love with him and now he fell out of love with me. Although he doesn’t want to date me anymore, I believe he still loves me. I hope whatever phase he is going through passes by soon. I can’t give up on him.

  3. God is a forgiving God

    Honey we all make mistakes…we have all sinned and fallen short short from the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. I’m at a similar cross road in my life so when I read this my heart went out to you. I have been in a relationship on and off for 6 years with the love of my life. I have made many mistakes and so has he. But I’m the one that has a problem when it comes to having a drink of wine here and there. He is a Godly man that goes to Mass everyday . I’m a Christian and I love the !ord with all my heart..but I have fallen short of his glory again and again. I’m not only writing this to you but to my Lord who I beg forgiveness to. His grace is sufficient to us and we have to remember this everyday. We should be happy with him alone and sometimes I think this must be the lesson. We are both the bride of Christ and first and foremost this should be our desire. All good things shall follow as long as we are following him as our first love. I will pray for you whoever you are. Please pray for me as well. I’m hurting too and also miss the love of my life so much. I can only say at this point that I was blessed to have had him in my life even if just for a season. My prayer is to be his wife and for us to worship God together for the rest of our lives. Lord whoever this person is tell her I know and share her pain and please God help us we lift up our request to you tonight. Lord I also know and believe your will be done and if you intend for us to be with these people here on earth then you will see us through to the finish line here on earth and every more. Thank you Lord for these trials because they will make us stronger and more dependent on you to help us through these storms. We know you know the best for us for us and we will embrace what ever you want for us in our lives. Amen.

  4. Battle of Love

    Please pray that God heals Michael. Pray that he finds God in these tough moments of his life. We have become distant because of it, and he does’t want me to be there because he has so much pride and seeks refuge in drinking. I forgive him. I pray he finds God so that he can be the better man he wants to be, so he can grow and gain the confidence to feel whole again. I love him very much and although I may not be present, in prayer I pray for his healing. Please pray for him and my patience. I miss him, but I know God does these things for a reason.

  5. Immigration status and my boyfriend

    Lord thank you for everything that you give it to me.lord pls help me about my immigration status to get approve lord so I can work and to help to support my family’s in Philippines.lord I pray to you my boyfriend (my son daddy) that he continue to love me and trust me.i feel like I’m nothing to him.lord pls touch him In your hands that he continue to love me an our son.that he never think that he’s gonna leave me. I love him soo much I don’t wanna lose him again.pls lord touch him that he realize that I love him soo much.pls lord I want him to know you.pls help lord… Amen …

  6. Bring the man I love back to me.

    I pray that God he will bring the love of my life back into my heart. And that he gives me strength and grace. I also pray that my daughter will starting treating me with respect.

  7. Let him be safe & in good health

    Dear God,
    I have not heard from my male friend whom I have been texting with for a while. He went on a trip said he will be home soon and I haven’t heard from him. I texted him twice but no answer. At least answer me if you don’t want to continue talking I don’t think that is the case. I don’t know what is happening. I really like him and his ways. Lord, guide him to my telephone number text me I will call you to chat and we can hang out like we did before. I need to see and spend time with him. I think about him every day.

  8. Finding the love of my life

    Dear Lord, Help me find the love of my life. I am in need of my love now. God I know you will bring him to me soon. I am ready and can’t wait to meet him. Husband I love you so. Come to my path now. Amen

  9. About love

    Im sharing this i dont have anyone els to talk to. im not so good eng, i have had the best girlfriend in the world and everyone was against us no mater what we did no one liked the idea that we had an relationship but like time passed everything got beter and i thought we where getting to a step in life for us where everything would start to be easy but what i did rong i lost my ways of showing my love to her and i did things rong in ways i could not see i dont know why but after every fight i seem to see wha i did rong and i cam to the point where i got 21 and had to get my own place and start a life i dont have grade 7 so its hard for me to get work its realy hard and i cant look after her how could i do that if i cant even look after my self why should my life be so hard and the thing is we broke up now and its all my foult i messed up so bad broke her heart i could of done so beter i have never loved anyone im my life like i love her and now it is all lose i have tryed everything to get her back in my life but she says to me she is broken and it will take time to heal but my big fright is that someone els steps in to hr life and she feels love from him and not me my life will end i wount be abble to take is i dont have the heart for it i im all alone now everything i lived for is gone what im i sepose to do i im trying every thing to get her back i know i dint realy spend time with GOD in my life maby that is my problem but i realy started to get my life going with GOD and it feels like nothing is going good for me my life is a waist i dont kno what to do but i got this friend he said to me >GOD WILL TELL YOU THE WAY TO GO BUT THEN YOU HAVE TO DO THE WALKING< and i think that God wil help me i dont know how he wil i realy dont but i put all my trust in GOD Because he never let me down with him im my life i know i will be safe no mater what GOD is there with me every step of the way and i realy hope that i can get this girl back in my life and just make things right because i never known what she ment to me till the day i lost her and if i get her back ill give my life for her she is worth it and even more sorry for this guys i have no one to talk to o and doesnt she just have the most beautiful name >Adante< I Love Her So Much....!

  10. Praying

    I, too, have betrayed the love of my life. I for years struggled with untruth. My boyfriend was about to ask me to marry him when I confessed a load of untruths on him. He felt so betrayed. He believes he fell in love with a woman he never knew. We don’t talk right this moment and it’s a bit confusing and very hard. I know that we are meant to be together because the closer I cling to God, the closer I feel to this man. He is the love of my life. I miss him so much.

    I will pray for all of your broken relationships as well as ask you to pray for mine.

    I believe and trust in God and his great mercies. I believe He can do all things, that anything is possible for those who believe… even the unthinkable, the inhuman. God does miracles and I have faith he will mend our broken hearts and bring us back together in His time. It is the waiting and the not knowing what my other half is going through that makes this so hard.

    His boss has told me that he is sick and I want so badly to be there to care for him, but he has made it clear to me that he wants time away from me.

    Please pray God pour His mercy and grace and forgiveness among us and bless our relationship. For redemption.

    In the name of precious Jesus, Amen!

  11. Praying for you!

    I’m praying with you. I felt an urge to make a comment because I, too was in somewhat of a situation like that. My birthday a guy friend of mine kissed me. Even though I never wanted it to help, I told my boyfriend and he lost all trust in me. I lost all trust in myself. I couldn’t believe that I put myself in a situation like that. My boyfriend and I did have a fall out but we remained talking and working things out. He truly is the love of my life, my soul-mate, everything I’ve ever wanted in a man plus more. I prayed to God and to St. Jude on a daily basis. God and St. Jude are such miracle workers. I will keep you in my prayers that you and your boyfriend can over come this obstacle, because everyone does make mistakes and it’s those that can learn to love the good and the bad of someone, no matter what. Keep me also in your prayers that my boyfriend and I can continue working on our relationship and make it better for us both. My advice also to you is pray daily to both St. Jude and God. And when some little miracles happen thank them both, but always continue to pray. I have faith in you and I know everything will be okay for you and your boyfriend.

  12. for you two

    I pray that the two of you will find peace together again,and start anew..we are all human and make really dumb mistakes,of which I am the queen!I am asking God that the man you love can search his heart and soften towards you and the whole situation,and you will be able to talk your way through.God bless you .

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