Prayer for the Love of my Life to return to the Kids and I.

by Angel (Arizona)

Please pray that Steve’s Confusion goes away and he returns home to the kids n I. He’s going through a midlife crisis and says he’s confused and doesn’t know what he wants. He says he loves and misses the kids and I that his heart tells him we will work it out but his head tells him no that I won’t change.I’ll change for a little while and then go back to my old ways.

The changes he means is to stop being bossy and to get along with his mom my sister in law and my stepdaughter. Since he’s been gone I have made peace with all of them and my relationship with them has been so wonderful since I asked for their forgiveness . Please pray that his mind and heart both tell him to return to his loving family whom love him dearly .

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  1. Stay Strong, Father is With You..

    Dear Angel,

    I’m sorry for the hard days you’re going through. My bf’s name is Steve too and he’s been in a frustrating confusion since a few months ago, and we are struggling a lot to the point of now I see myself in the verge of losing him unless God helps us… So i completely understand how you are feeling, its so hard to wait for sth when you dont know how its gonna end or what its gonna result in. Our hands might be chained but our heavenly Father is still right beside us to help, so all we need to do is just keep faith and trust Him and give it all in His loving hands. You and Steve will be in my prayers from now on. Stay strong. Father is with us.

    Best wishes for you.

  2. Praying

    Let forgiveness flow dear Lord. Restore what has been broken by the enemies lies. Bring this couple together in mutual forgiveness and unity in your love for each of them. AMEN

    Trust your instincts never stop praying or believing that God can work a miracle in your relationship and bring sense out of the confusion.

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