Prayer for the love of my life to return to my life

by Fabiola ()

Dear God,

For the longest time I prayed for someone good and worthwhile to come into my life. He did come into my life 2 months ago. We have never met before as we have been talking for 2 months. Throughout that time, we’ve talked on the phone almost every day and even told each other we loved each other fbut I have not talked to him for 4 days and I feel as if I have an empty hole in my heart. I miss him dearly and love him so much. He’s working in another state and has been there since we started talking. He stated he was coming back home to California, he lives close to I live, but he has not reached out to let me know his whereabouts. I’m worried where our relationship is now and I feel that I cannot live without him. Please God, please help bring him back into my life. I feel that he is the love of my life and we’re meant to be for each other.

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  1. Prayer to get me and my last baby father back on the right track to communicate work rhings out

    Dear God,
    I ask that me and my last child father reunite start back communicating for the sake of our son i miss him dearly lord i know i made mistakes in the past and i own up to them all if i could go back and rethink the situation over i would…Lord i ask that u guide him back this way as soon as possible i know its hard right now for him to even wanna say anything to me cause of the stuff that happen in April but Lord i promise once we back talking i will be as humble as possible so Lord i cone to u and ask u can u please fix our communication problem i really miss him lord

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