prayer for the lost

by Kayla (New Mexico, United States)

St. Jude I feel so lost in daily life. I feel as if I am going through the motions but all my actions are without purpose, without feeling, and without hope. I feel so alone in my tribulations I feel as if there is no point to trying at all. My schoolwork is piling up and I cannot bring myself to address any of my daily responsibilities.

I find it difficult to even get out of bed in the morning because I feel I am never rested.I suffer under the burden of a heavy heart, my first love has left me without cause and without any concern for my feelings. I felt so deeply for him and he has just stopped talking to me. He will not even reply with a reason for why he will no longer speak to me or see me. I feel constant anxiety, trying to answer why?

Please help me, I do not know how to fix this or what to pray for, I am lost. I pray for peace, for the anxieties to go away, and for him to contact me with at least a reason for leaving. Please here my prayers St. Jude I feel like I am hung up on a lost cause.

The Lord can see how much I am hurting please take this pain away and help me to hear from the man that left me. Thank you for your time and thank you for listening to my prayer.