Prayer for the Lost and isolated

by Molly (Pittsburgh)

Give me strength, Lord. It has plagued me for months that my family has confused and ended our relationship. Although, I never had a strong bond with my sisters since my best sister died I feel like all of my faults and human emotional less than favorable reactions to things have made a target of disrespect and loneliness come my way. I do not seek out the drama then am expected to react in a certain way that is acceptable and less offensive to family-….sorry, but I just say things not hurtful things and move on. But other family puts me silent or distant because of it and then I don’t know what’s going on at home.. I am happily married and I love my family but I can’t be something I’m not and what I am is not so terrible., . Why is this happening to me. My mother is 83 years old and tends to sway everyone’s behavior … Now no one except my sweet husband will talk to me.. Hopeless and sorry.

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