Prayer for the loss of a special woman

by Denise (CA)

I was informed today that one of my classmates from school lost her mom. This is very hard and not easy because that special woman who once carried her in her arms when she was born is gone. Waking up every morning without your mom by your side is something one is not use to. And it hurts me because I have felt what it is like to be without a mom. When I was small my dad and big brother came to the USA and my mom stayed in Mexico.

It was difficult for me because I missed her so much. But she is with me and I am very grateful. If I had one wish it would be to mend all those people’s hearts who have lost their loved ones. But only God is able to mend hearts..and that is why I ask God to mend my friends heart and not let her fall into depression. Please pray for my friend she always smiles and I don’t want to see her fall into depression.

Please pray for all that sorrow in her eyes to go away and happiness to appear. Pray for her and her family. Pray to give them strength and Hope and everything to help them feel better.Please and Thank you!<3

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