Prayer for the Lord’s divine mercy and intercession for my son

Dear Lord

I pray for your help to guide my son out of the wilderness and to stay focus in God andl faith. Please bless him everyday and also help me to never to give up during the difficult and challenging situations and show me the Way, the Truth and the Life to overcome these difficulties.

I pray for your blessings to be given to my son as he begins his major exams this afternoon until mid Nov. Pl guide him when he is lost and show him the guidance to recall all the steps and provide his answers neatly and clearly in the manner as required. I pray for your forgiveness but please do appear in him and guide him as one of your flock.

I pray your blessings to protect my parents who had doted on me and my family despite all the troubled times. Please do not break up my family and instead guide us to live the life of accepting one another’s weaknesness and turn them to strengths to lead the teachings of the Lord.