Prayer for the Lord to soften my partner’s heart

by Angel (Hyderabad)

My relationship started off with the Lord encouraging both of us to stick together through thick and thin.long the way, I found myself battling a situation which meant my partner and I couldn’t meet as often as we would’ve loved. It started causing resentment between us, but I managed to stand firm on what the Lord had told me.

My partner on the other hand, began to change. He began blaming all our problems on my situation and avoiding me, though he still stayed in the relationship. This affected me and made me point fingers back, but even through it all, I still know that God cannot encourage something and then end it abruptly.

changed and God isn’t giving me rest over him. Please pray for us, that the Lord will soften his heart towards me, as a heart hardened towards something the Lord has provided is hardened towards the Lord. I care about me, but more for him. He is operating in flesh and not spirit.

He’s allowed his ego to take over. But even so, the Lord has told me not to leave him. I intend to follow through on God’s plan, but I am also human and I don’t want to go against the will of God because my partner is bitter.

Please pray for his heart to be softened towards the voice of God and me.

The Lord will bless you as you pray for me.

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  1. I understand too.

    Im in a relationship with a beautiful partner. Sometimes I misunderstand her intentions toward me. I believe in jesus and his atonement. I have very strong feelings for this woman I am in a relationship with. The struggles to do right spiritually and love her unconditionally are always a struggle for me. I wish… I hope that god will bless your relationship to this person even if this post; regarding your well being and your partners wellbeing are late. If all seems lost dont ever give up on this person. I feel that god is inspiring me to post this regarding your prayer concern. God bless your relationship to a new level of happiness, blessed by jesus.amen.P.S. I prayed for you and your situation. Good day.

  2. I understand...

    I understand how you are feeling. My relationship is going through a very similar situation. I am feeling a huge amount of pain and guilt right now. I lift you and your partner up in prayer. I pray that his bitterness turns into love and understanding for you. I pray that you have strength to know that you are not to blame. I know that lots of prayer and time is the only thing that will help. I will continue to be thinking about you and your relationship. Have faith.

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