Prayer for the Lord to Heal My Mind, Body and Soul

by Tiffany (Phila, PA)

Dear God,

Merciful father my Lord and savior Jesus Christ..Someone assualted me father and it feels like they took the precious life you gave me away father. This person afflicted me with something shameful and makes me feel sad at times. Lord I know that you can heal anything. I thank you and find comfort to know that what I am going through is horrible but other people have had/have worse and I am not alone in this.

Father God cure me of my illness. No man give me life, so no man can take it away father. Cleanse my blood father and please make it your blood, please take my disease and heal me and turn it into health God. The doctors cannot wright the prescription that you have for me fathe,and that is to seek you and call on you in times of worry.

I ask these things in your holy name Jesus.My jehovah Jireh, my El Shaddaih and my Jehovah Nissi