Prayer for the Lord to Fix My Heart

by Robert (Lawrence, MA)

Dear Prayer People;

Hello and God Bless You All;

I went to Church this week. Sorry, I am still not feeling well today, and I am feeling lousy today. I ache all over and feel very weak. I am suffering a lot in my life. I am stressed in Deep Traumatic Emotional Pain, and I am at the End of My Rope. I really need the Lord Jesus and God to bring Joy, Peace, Love and Happiness into My Life soon. My Heart can NOT take any more Pain! I am tired of hurting inside. I am at the Point where I am very TIRED of Living in this World filled with PAIN, Hurt and 1,000 Life Problems. My Heart can NOT take anymore. It is Monday, May 09, 2011 and I am Please asking People to Pray for me. I really need the Lord to Please Help me to get a New Permanent Job. I really need the Lord Jesus to Bring some Joy and Happiness into my Life soon. I am still Unemployed, and really Suffering Bad Financially and Bad Emotionally, with a lot of Pain and Stress. I am praying myself at Home alone to God for Help, and I am asking also that you and other People please Pray for Me. I was laid off of my Job in 2009 due to the Bad Economy. I have not been able to find a Permanent Job in over 19 months. I have applied for many, many different Jobs. I am living all Alone, and I am currently Unemployed right now, with Asthma and No Health Insurance, and Struggling, and Struggling Badly Financially all by myself alone. I need a New Full-time Permanent Job. I have suffered a lot in my life, all alone. I have been through a lot now in my life. A lot of Hurt & a lot of Pain is going on inside me. I am asking People to Please Pray and Pray for Me. All I have experienced in this Life is Pain, and nothing else. Each Day living is nothing but a constant Battle. I am trying to focus my mind on the Lordtrust in Himand fill my thoughts with the Lord and His promises. I am a bit Tired now, In ways I feel like my Life is a shame with so much disappointment. I have done a lot of good in life, I have treated people Right, I have done Good Things, and I have just been Hurt, Abused, and Hurt over and over again! I cannot make my emotional Pain go away. I cant heal my Heart. It is hard for me to even stay alive, or live. I have done all that I can do on my own. I need Prayers And I need a Miracle. I wish God and Jesus would Please Truly Help Me in my Life with some Happiness and some Love. I would like to have Gods Favor in my Life. I would like to feel Gods Favor in my Life now. I need the Lord to Please help me Financially in My Life. I am tired of being Alone, and I am tired of being Hurt by People. I need new Friends.
I need Love in My Life. I need the Lord to Please bring & have a Girlfriend or Wife or a Loving Female Companion into My Life before it is too late.. It feels Nobody Loves Me! I have No Family and No Friends. I need the Lord to also bring a Person into my Life I know & feel that I can Trust. I am still going through a very lot Emotionally now. I am hoping God & Jesus will please release unlimited Blessings from Heaven in My Life in 2011 for Peace, Joy, and Happiness. I am trying to get better each day. My Heart does Not know what to do anymore. My Heart Hurts inside Constantly Each and Everyday of my Life! My Heart is Extremely Tired! My Mind is Tired! Every day it is a Struggle! From all that I have been through, I dont have much of the desire to live anymore. That is why I am asking People to Pray for Me. To be proactive, I am trying to reach out to People again, or Asking for Help everywhere. I am praying myself daily and weekly. I have prayed: Loving Heavenly Father I come to you this hour asking for your blessing and help as we are all gathered together. Lord God, Thank you for all the positive influencers in my life today. Thank you for Everyone who has ever Prayed for me, and for anyone who will Pray for me in the future. Thanks especially for the people of strong Faith that you have placed in my path. I ask the Lord to Insulate me from experiences that compromise my full potential. Lord I ask move me away from distractions, diversions, and temptations. Keep my thoughts fixed instead on what is true, pure, excellent and worthy of praise. I know that nothing guards my Heart more than being in your Will. Lord, Robert believes the Lord alone is my defender, my refuge my place of safety, my protection and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust!” Robert has made the Lord his secure refuge and the Most High his dwelling place. Father God, I am feeling fearful today. Life seems to be uncertain and out of control. I recall that the Bible tells me. Perfect love casts out fear. God alone is Perfect Love, so would you please cast out the fear I feel and replace it with confidence in your sufficiency. Dear God I pray to Please untie the knots that are in my mind, my Heart and my life. Remove the have nots, the can nots and the do nots that I have in my mind. Erase the will nots, may nots, might nots that may find a home in my Heart.

Please Release me from the could nots, would nots and should nots that obstruct my life. May Christ’s presence permeate our conversation and please synchronize our hearts. When disunity or rebellion crashes the loving setting that we so greatly desire, help us to reflect the Lords character of endurance, faithfulness and self-control.

Psalm 121 tells me that the Lord will never slumber or sleep, so I am please trusting You Lord to take care of me – moment by moment, and Day by day.
I have a Bible, and I am also reading plus studying the Bible as much as I can., and trying to go to Church in my Area, and I am Trying hard and working on putting God First in every area of my everyday Life. I need the God & Jesus to Please Watch over Me, and Protect Me from the Devil. I Need the Lord to also Help Me, Help Me Financially, Help Me Emotionally, Help Me mentally, Strengthen Me, & Guide Me in My Life. I hope God will Bless Me, and Bring some Love, Joy & Happiness in to My Life soon. I am just so Tired with the Struggles of Life right now. As a Christian, I have always done everything right, honestly and truthfully, and then now all that I have done Good all of my life I feel it is just completely gone out the window. My Heart is so extremely Tired with little strength. I am losing the Will to live. My Loneliness each day is so Painful inside. I am tired of suffering. My Emotional Pain inside is Killing Me! I need other weekly Prayers from People to Help Me. Will you all Ask the Lord to Please Bring a Happy Miracle into my Life? I wish God and Jesus would Please Help Me soon in my Life. I have been a Christian for over 20 years of my Life. I have been Praying and praying myself alone but I do not feel anything. I am tired of suffering, and each Day it grows worse. I wish God or Someone would Please too Help Me Now. I need Love in my Life. I am praying myself alone to God for Help, and I ask Will You Please Pray and Pray to God and Jesus to Please really Help Me Robert Substantially inside of My Life? Please ask the Lord to Fix My Heart. Will you please Pray to Jesus to Bring some Love, a Blessing and Joy and Happiness into Roberts Life soon? Will you Please Pray for Someone to Please Give Me a Nice Permanent Job soon? Will you Please ask the Lord Jesus Christ to Please Help and Bless Robert Lowe financially and with Love, and also with a Nice Permanent Job?

Will You All Please Think of Me, and PRAY FOR ME?
I am Please asking many People to Pray for Me; ROBERT.

Thank You Very Much and
God Bless You
This I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus. Amen


Lawrence, Massachusetts.