Prayer for the Lord of thanksgiving and forgiveness of any sins committed today by me and also my ex Jordan to be forgiven of his and the request of the blood of Jesus in jesus name and for the growing healing and protection of him by the Grace of God

by Chloe ()

Dear Father i make this prayer to ask for forgiveness of any sins committed today by me known and unknown that if these are in your will to please blot them out of your memory forever for your sake Lord wipe them clean and to remove the memory of them all the hurtful bitter sinful memories from my memory forever wipe them clean and to thank you for the protection you have shown me today seen and unseen also the strength you’ve blessed me to endure difficult times and situations with every passing day my strength is growing by your Grace alone thank you for this for all the answered prayers in which you hear and answer and i am very grateful and thankful for this i ask humbly if you would please help me each day to grow in forgiveness for others who have wronged me and do me ill will that i may truly forgive them deep down in my heart and mind for all those who sin against me as you know Lord today has been difficult for me as my ex jordan has come back in contact with me and as kind as i’m trying to be to him he is being most unkind and trying to fill my heart and mind with doubts and although i am not trying to get into any conflict or arguments with him he is being rather difficult i am trying so hard not to be mean and judgemental as you have called us to be kind merciful and loving to not commit sins of judgement and many others i am trying so hard to not give into the temptation that is infront of me all the time i am trying to only as i wish to do to stay in your ways and love my enemies and neighbours as myself it is hard and i admit this because i want only peace between us but it seems from the things he is saying to me as you know that he does not want peace but to cause conflict and arguments between us maybe in a way this is the answered prayer i askes you about to show me if he meant me peace of not and for this i thank you as you have answered my prayer as you have done others before and protected me whilst this has been happening for this i praise you Lord and Lord i know that only you can judge him and rebuke him and i ask you to please do this so he may see his wrongdoings and turn from his sins please help him to change to become more like your son and our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ please guide him on the right paths and teach to his heart and mind patience lovingkindness love care respect grace strength and empathy please grow these in him each and every day so he may turn from his wrongs and do right and so he may come ever closer to you and keep strong in faith may he please be healed in mind body soul and spirit to make him whole again and to heal him of any depression anxiety or mental illness he may have so he can grow and mature without suffering and turning to his sin please keep him from sinning anymore and repeating the same sins all over again may you grant him wisdom and peace that passes all understanding may he be humbled by you and the fear of god be in him lord please look upon his pain and distress and his cries and heal him but also comfort him in these times so he my make a full recovery by your grace and onto a better happier and more faithful life please sanctifiy him in the blood of Lord Jesus christ in jesus name remove all darkness all demonic assignments all evil all ungodly spirits all harm all injury all sickness as the blood of lord jesus christ breaks all bondage all adversity all inquity all infirmity and sanctifiys please break all these from him and sanctifiy him in Jesus precious blood please bless and keep him all the days of his life and may he be annointed with your Holy spirit and may he know your perfect love and fruits of the spirit may all evil all hatred judgement all selfishness all anger all greed all gluttony all sexual immorality and adultery slander lies stealing cheating and anything that is not of your kingdom and that should not be in him be removed in Jesus name protect him with the full armour of god to stop any attacks and lies from the devil who is having a hold of him and trying to lead him down the path to death than life and keep him from you and your loving care please have mercy grace lovingkindness and compassion on him please show him pity as he is hurting and the devil is trying to use him to do bad things and to sin please hear this prayer and plea Lord and if it is in your will these things then let your will be done in Jesus name we pray Amen

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