Prayer for the lonely

God I have come to you with this prayer so many times now you know the ache in my heart God. i asked You for forgiveness so many times, please just give me some hope God it feels like You telling me I had too many chances God.

I’m begging You my Lord please listen to my prayer I am almost 39 now and all I ask for is Your forgiveness and to please give my friend someone who will share her life with her. I also pray like so many times before God that the person I have feelings for that he will feel the same way about me and that if there are any missunderstandings between the 2 of us God will give us the courage to clear it.

If the feeling of how we feel about each other he will admit it please God give him the confidence to do it. god i feel so dowwn and out please please give me some hope my Lord. god if he is not for me please help me heal and meet someone to share my life with Lord I ask all this in the name of God the Father Son and the Holy Spirir. Amen.