Prayer for the lonely and depressed

Lord, you know my heartaches and pains. You know that my loneliness is consuming myself. Please oh God that i stop feeling thos way, that i should know and feel in my heart that u are always here next to me. Please Lord help me.that i will get better. Im so depressed and lonely Lord that i seem to wanna give up sometimes. Lord please help me to feel happiness again like how it was before. I havent been happy for a long timr now. Please oh Lord. Please Lord. I am so weak, very weak actually that makes it so easy for satan to take over me. Its iike he owns me when he doesnt. I scared oh Lord. I want u to own me, not him. Lord i surrender my life to u. Only u knows whats best for me. Lotd please help me. desperate for ur love. Im so desperate for ur help. Lord please help me. I need a lot of help oh Lord. Im so lost. Im very lost and hope i can make it home to u one day. Worldly pleasures lost me. I can only blame myself for allowing myself to get into that route. Lord please im so lost. Sometimes i wanna give up. Lord please i wish my siblings are proactive to invite me to share my life with them. Please Lord help me. Please God. I need you so desperately. Please Lord thank.u for pat, medy and nanay nga masamok.naho kung mingawon ko. Ginoo tabangi intawon ako. Im so lost right now. Tabangi ibtawon ko Lord and mabalik ako kanimo kay i rrally am so lost. Lonely and depressed is a very bad combination unja mao nay ahong problema.oh Lord. Mingaw jamo ang ahong kinabuhi. Way tag ija. Bisan asa lang. Way nagmahal. I know bija ning self pity pero malooy kos ahong kaugalingon. Lord salamat sa mga grasya nga nadawat naho gikan kanimo. Salamat jamo Ginoo.

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