Prayer for the literal resurrection of my dead marriage

by Jason (NM, USA)

That I can get through the pain emotionally of my ex-wife quickly remarrying civilly as she has just two months after our divorce being finalized, and her perhaps cheating on me as she had been visiting the gentleman in Arkansas during our marriage whom she told me was married. That we can still always be AT LEAST great friends, that I remain close to her family, and things not be awkward.

That she still completely and permanently recover from her alcoholism and bipolar disorder. That she decides and that God helps her fix and corrects any mistakes she has made. That I get to adopt one or two children within the next couple months and that they be the right children for me, that I do a good job as a father. That I get to remarry, and spiritually next time, and it be a beautiful inside and out, virtuous, Catholic woman with great morals and loves the Southwestern style, preferably to my ex-wife despite the current circumstances.

That I be open, whether it be to my ex-wife after realizing her mistakes (which is what I want more than anything), completely reforming and becoming the type of woman Ive always wanted, or someone I meet soon. That she love my future children and want to be their mother and want more with me as well. Nothing is impossible with God. Thanks and God bless you.

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  1. Resurrect My Marriage from Divorce

    Dear God,

    He left me after 40 years of marriage for a woman younger than our daughter. He divorced me and left me almost penniless. But I know that You are the God of second chances and miracles. I know that You my father, my Abba, can do anything. And I know that You meant for marriages to last a lifetime. I beg you to show me favor and resurrect the dead bones of my marriage from divorce. Please get rid of the other woman and put us on the right track. Please Holy Spirit make God’s ways known to us and see that we folllow Him. Make us one again. I plea the Blood of Christ to wipe us clean from our sins of following Satan. Amen

  2. Resurrection of Jason's marriage


    I pray for the immediate peace and comfort of Christ the King to rest gently upon you. I too am praying for the literal resurrection of my marriage. I speak life right now to my marriage and yours! In Jesus name I command the dry bones of our marriages to come alive. I believe that God answers prayers based upon our belief that the prayers have already been answered, believe with me that our prayers were answered! Speak life to your situation, stop calling your marriage dead and call it what you expect it to be!! God is still on the throne answering prayers, and I believe that our prayers have already been answered, so Thank You God for resurrecting Jason’s marriage and mine as well! Amen!

  3. Prayer for Jason

    Jason, God loves you. Abraham was the only person in the bible to whom God referred to as a friend. God loves you, remember the story of Abraham he was told to go to another country to start a new life and his name was changed to Abram and was his wife’s name to Sarah from Sarai.

    God has anointed you to start new happy life and you are going to rejoice in your new arrangement.

    Pray daily, read the bible daily for you to get strength.

    Best Regards


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