Prayer for the Light for My Path

by Michelle (US)

Dear Lord,

You are the Light, the Truth, and the one and only Sovereign God. I have always believed in you. I have always known that you are the epitome of love. Unconditional and all encompassing. As I said, I knew this.

However, I was unaware of how to accept you into my daily life. How to practice your ways that glorify your name. The result is that I am lost on this planet. I need to reach for you because I am suffering from anxiety and depression that has left me groping in the dark for a stronghold.

Please help me find refuge from my darkness and light the path you wish me to take. I need you. I love you. I wait to hear and see the good ways I may serve you. I praise you Jesus and ask that you help me to know you fully. Amen.

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