Prayer for the job with sustainable steady income

Dear Lord:

thank you for sustain me for many decades. I am looking for a full time employment in my field. If it’s aligned with thy will, I would like to work as epidemiology analyst for LA county. I heard county job is long waiting and you need to know people inside. I have neither and I can not wait since my fund is dwindling.

I want to trust You are the on time God. You call me in for a great job interview and ultimately You are the true employer. You gave me the talents and educational opportunity. I trust in You but I can get frustrated. So please help me and enable me to continue to apply jobs that I feel qualified without being discouraged. When I am weak, You are strong within me, thank you for Your dwelling. I pray that I am able to walk in faith and my disbelief is removed.

Trust more and be peaceful. Enjoy and rest in your assurance in the job application process. Believe that the gift of right employment will be given in the timely manner. I don’t need to stress out or get sick by worrying. Trust in the Lord and be joyful in the process.

I am provided by a loving HP with my best interest in HIS heart. I shall declare Your goodness and faithfulness in the congregation.

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