Prayer for the job that is meant for me

by Rachel (TEXAS)

Dear God,

I pray to you to ask for your assistance to ensure that I am exactly where I need to be. You answered my prayers because my heart did not truly want that first school, and then, I found out I was not the match for the secondary school.Yet, my heart is in that district, and I know you will help me find my way to the right location.

If it is not meant to be, then I will step back and realize my goals at my current school. I will lean on you and trust you in all things. I know that you always have the best in mind. You have demonstrated challenges to me this year and I was able to come out victorious. It is all because of you. Thank you God!

On Wednesday, as I listened to the music at church, I was filled with gratitude because this year was such a tough year. You helped me make it bearable. You encouraged me and allowed me to shine amidst some of the toughest situations. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Now, God, I’m going to directly ask for the position that I want. I want to be the bilingual ESL director at my old district. I believe I can help students succeed. I want to make sure all of our kids feel success. You know I have what it takes. I believe that I am up of the challenge. I know how hard it will be to fill those shoes. I know that there will be opposition. I also know that I can move mountains through you. I know that I can achieve anything through you. I know that I can help through you. I know that you will give me all the resources to ensure our children have success in school.

God, thank you for listening to my prayer.

I love you and Amen,

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