Prayer For The Intercession Of The Holy Spirit

by Sergio (Whittier, CA, USA)

Dear God thank You for The Holy Spirit working in both Sergio and Jennifer.

Thank You for giving Sergio the strength to maintain his focus on you. Thank you for keeping The Holy Spirit in him to continue the positive transformation that he is undergoing.

Thank You for opening Jennifer’s heart and mind to allow the Holy Spirit to work in her. Thank You for opening her eyes to the realization that the walls she has built up to keep Sergio out are keeping You , God out. Thank You for making her realize that her fortress is in fact imprisoning her.

Thank you for healing Jennifer and helping her to take the walls down and letting You and Sergio back into her heart and mind.

Thank You for allowing the Holy Spirit to work so that Jennifer and Sergio can see the God in one another and become truly united in marriage.


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