prayer for the heary job hunter

by Bruce (Louisiana)

Thank you Lord for everything.

Thank you for the loose of my job so that I can be in a more closely held relationship with you.
Without the time and the opportunity
I would not have looked at the reasons why I had to failed to maintain a close reationship with God.

I would not have looked at the type friends I had aquired over a period of time and pit falls I had fell into.
The attitudes that had become a daily battle to climb over or just torerate.

Thank you Lord for a chance to start a new relationship with you and assess the friends that would soon disappear. The evils of the work place and the politics that drive evil men to do things in the name of self.

Thank you for a new begining.

God lead to a new job, and thank you for the possiblities of a Godly job.

Be with others who have become victim to type of job work place.

I ask all this in Jesus Christ name. a men

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