Prayer for the Health and Financial stability for my Family

by Marci (New York)

Dear St. Jude

I pray to you that you can help my family. I pray above all else for the health and well being of my children, my husband and myself. I pray that the tests on my husbands heart test all come out fine or at least nothing to serious. I pray to you to always look after us and keep us safe and help guide us and protect us always.

I also ask you for help with our finances. we seem to never be able to catch up. I need to be working, but I can’t seem to be able to find a job that makes any real money. its so hard to be living paycheck to paycheck every month and I know its just to much stress on my husband. we just have so much coming up that I just don’t know where we will get the money for it.

Don’t get me wrong I am so grateful for all the things we do have its just such a struggle all the time and I don’t think it should be this hard each month and have to wonder how we are going to pay the mortgage each month. if I could somehow start bringing in some money every month I think it would make things so much more bearable. I know that I should just be grateful for all we have , and believe me I am, but I am just so tired of being tired and stressed and worried all the time. I would just love to not worry every minute of every day always trying to figure out ways to not have to struggle so much. I beg for your help and guidance.

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