Prayer for the Healing of my sickness

by Richard Kwaku Tornyi (Ghana, Kumasi)

I have a curse disease on me. it causes a lot of problem to me It prevent me from going to church to worship God, convention, joining a group of people, Clubs, traveling, representing someone, at work places, I cannot go where group of people are.

It hunting me, Stomach ache, a lot of gas substance in my stomach when I am in a group of people, in a bus, church, work place then these disease comes, I begin to release gas from my stomach it causes disgrace to me for many years. It prevents me from going to church to worship God Please pray for me so that the curse on me will be heal in Jesus name, Amen

I also want God to grant me favor in people, work place, everywhere I go, I want God healing power to me on me, divine assistances, all my heart desire, wishes,I dont care the name of my disease, what is causing me a lot of problems, bad luck, I need my breakthrough, favor, healing, everything in Jesus name, Amen

I commit all my family, friends, love ones into the blood of Jesus that everything they do God will grant all their wishes in Jesus name, Amen