Prayer for the healing of my Mother and Father

by Karthick (Chennai, Tamilnadu, India)

My mother is admitted in hospital due to kidney related problem, but now she has one more issue, she started to have phobia of death. The doctor has told that she is very normal, and all her test are very normal, but she started to create a fear in her mind that is causing her to stay awake even after giving sleeping dose (only under doctors recommendation and my mom is still in hospital).

She needs to come out the fear, and at this time she needs Gods healing touch and she needs to fee His Presence. Please pray for her, also my dad is with her in the hospital taking care of her, since she is sick, he is also not able to sleep, he is crying to me over the phone, and I’m in a very helpless situation where i cannot go there to help them. Please pray for my parents so that Lord heals them.