Prayer for the Healing of a child

by Esy (Western-Cape)

Sweet Jesus,

I bow before Your cross tonight, knowing I’m not worthy but You are worthy my Lord. You are worthy to be praised, worthy to be honoured and worthy to be called the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. You are the Way, the Thruth and the Life, therefore I’m thankfull for your Mercy and Grace upon my life, knowing I can do all things throught Jesus who strengthen me, I love You.

I come to You Lord as a sinner asking for forgiveness for my sins in word, mind and in doing my Lord, cleansed me with Your Blood and renew my life in Jesus Name. Forgive my tresspasses Lord and open my eyes so I may see. Purify my body, soul, mind and heart with Your Blood. Rebuild my life on the rock Jesus and plant my feet on the rock Jesus.

Tonight I bow before Your throne for the son of my friend, knowing You can heal him in the power of Your Resurrection. In Your Blood is Power Lord, therefore I seek for Your Mercy to heal this boy from wholes in his heart. I pray Lord Jesus that You will touch him tonight and let Your Blood flow over him as Your angel is here tonight to stir the bath of batesta, touch him wif Your Holy Spirit and rain Your blessing over this 2year old tonight.

Heal Janielle Almighty God as for You nothing is impossible but all things is possible for the Lord. Thank You Lord that I can be assure that You heal him and restore his life, I’m thankfull for Your Blood that heals us my Lord. Thank You that I know that throught Your wounds there’s healing for us, I Bless Your Name. Hide him behind the cross and I plead Your blood over his life and his healing
In Jesus Name


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