Prayer for the hard work – business

by Priyanka (India)

Dear Lord,

I have always praised you and thanked you for whatever you gave me till date. Since I started out my business I have never complained about the sales but today I am complaining about the sales because it’s just frustrating me. I have tried everything I could.

I put my worries upon you GOD. I can’t handle the stress and frustration anymore. I can’t see clarity in anything.

I call upon you to come help this helpless child of yours. I have tried and failed. But I know you won’t leave me. God guide me with your judgement. I am not asking you for a luxurious life. I just want my business to take off. I can’t keep depending on others for money. It makes me feel terrible.

Help me prove the discouragers wrong.

God I really need you. Please don’t leave me. Please help me.


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