Prayer for The growth of my church

by Irene Matemadomboco (Coventry City,Uk)

I enter into your presence oh God,for the growth of our church,you said in your word that unless the Lord builds the house,they labour in vain who builds it…

We are totally helpless without You oh God,we beseech you Lord to pour out your living spirit and your enabling power upon our church in abundance oh God to bring us total revival so that our territory will be enlarged and we grow spiritually and numerically,help us God.

Purge away laziness from the church,reveal unto our members their gifts and make us the body of Christ with one aim,to bring the gospel to all to make salvation be known near and far.

Give ear to all our prayers oh Lord,let your glory coverour church,Father God place your and over our church,over every memmber,leader,child visitor of the congregation let your gifts operate in our church,let xour grace flow,abide in our church,we ask for your favour oh God in Jesus’ mighty name,Amen

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