Prayer for the Dismissal of Cancer from Family Members

by Anke Ifa (Cheverly, Maryland)

Heavenly Father,

You are a God of truth, righteousness, justice, and love! You are a healer, a miracle worker, and the greatest doctor in this universe. I pray to you today, oh God, and I ask you to dismiss the presence of all aggressive cancers from the bloodstreams and physical/carnal and spiritual systems of all of family members and the family members of anyone who is experiencing the presence of cancer.

Heavenly father, you are the creator of all things, and you are the creator of great health of long life. I pray to you this day oh Lord, an I ask you to work a miracle in the lives of cancer sufferers–all cancer sufferers. Work a miracle today, oh Lord and remove from our minds and bodies the presence of all discarnate spirits that manifest as cancer.

I ask you to dismiss the presence of all unnatural elements that cause pain and suffering to your children. I ask you oh, God to keep your children safe, strong, and healthy. Bless them, oh Lord, with long life and great health, and dismiss the presence of diseases that seek to preclude their healthiness and happiness here on earth.

Protect us from our enemies, and especially the enemies who bring sickness and disease. Keep us safe and strong, oh God, and bless us with long life on earth. Dismiss cancer with your power, oh God. Dismiss it from the bloodstream of our families and save our lives. Dismiss it from my brother. Dismiss it from my friends and my neighbors. Dismiss it from our community? Dismiss it from our world.

I pray that our prayers are sufficient for you to save our lives. I pray that our prayers are sufficient for you to take action and remove the presence of cancer from our world.