Prayer for the Destruction of Evil

Almighty God,

Here my prayer of petition to you to prevent Jay from succeeding in the death of our Father Jim whom is slowly suffering and dying from Jay who has Health Proxy and is wanting our Father Jim to die. Our Father put his trust in his Son Jay who lied and used the works of Satan to have Dad entrust him with his financial and personal decisions. His son Jay has betrayed him and will see him suffer and die before other family siblings can help and comfort our Dad. Jay is Evil and will destroy his Father in order to prevent his siblings from having contact with our Father in order to keep the house and monies that he had our Father sign over to him in his last years of life which was clouded with dementia that Jay as his advocate refused to have him given medication to help alleviate the symptoms. Jay also isolated our Dad and kept him in a nursing home unknown to his other children (all are from same parents) for 2 months.

Jay is Evil and a follower of Satan. Jay has not worked in 7 years and wants never to toil and has turned his back on God, the Light of God, the Sacraments that he received when he was younger and the Love of God. He is Dark, Negative and Evil and thinks only of his own self. He has no Love for any, no relationships, no pets, owns nothing that he has worked for on his own and speaks lies with a forked tongue. He has embrace Evil and is trying to end our Dad’s life by denying him medical care. This is to benefit his lifestyle of a homosexual who knows no Love and hates his family. He has left his siblings with nothing from our home since our Mother died in 2004 and he moved in to claim all that there was from himself. He has never wanted Love, to know Jesus, or God, or care for Family or his Father who he lied to with Satan’s guile.

I pray to you Almighty God and the Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that my brother Jay who has hurt our hearts and lives and now is attempting to end our Father’s life on Earth who trusted him, cannot accomplish his Evil goal and his life will end before he can complete his task that is housed in his Hatred and Evil.

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