Prayer for the Desperate to help my son

by Audrey ()

Dear God in Jesus name i pray, You know the situation I’ve been in the past several years. After losing my job, condo and had to resort to living as a live in housekeeper for a room with no salary I have been just exciting.

I am thankful for my friends who have been very supportive but I am in a crisis where I need to help my son who has just lost a person in his life due to a car accident. He was more than a friend , a mentor and was going to be able to help my son financially to relocate.

My son and I both have suffered hardships, loses and heartache. I believe in God and that there is a plan for us and we will overcome these hardships , I just don’t know how. I pray for help not just for myself but so I can help my son. This was suggested to me by a friend who is also a minister.

I pray for a money blessing in Jesus name amen.