Prayer for the court judge

by Val (Madison, GA)

In 2014 a dear long time friend died of cancer. Durning our 23+ yrs friendship we all labored in love together helping each other. His wife was name Mary, who was a very dear love loving woman who died around 2009. He owned a beautiful farm which he loved. We worked along with him along on his farm daily as we also helped him with meals shopping etc. His birth family wasn’t around so we gladly helped . He became our family.When he was battling cancer, we solidly took care of his farm. During his last month two members of the family start showing. Bottom line we left the farm to us to continue to care for. Now we are in a court battle. It’s now up to the judge. It’s been very hard financially. We been care for the farm solidly including all bills and expenses not to mention labor for the last three years plus enduring slanderous statement s made against us in court. Please pray for the judge to make the decision our friend wanted. Please help pray this ends soon. Thank so much. Prayers needed. We are tried. But planned to continue frighting for our friend wishes.