Prayer for the confused soul:Strength & Courage

by Evaughn R. (Fayetteville Nc)

I dont know why I am feeling this way.

I cant seem to shake this dark cloud that has been looming over my head.
Is it selfish of me to say that nothing in my life is right, when every day I wake up healthy able to breath, smell, and touch my surroundings?

The last time I felt this worthless and full of pain was at the hands of a broken heart, but now this reoccurring feeling is resurfacing due to a displeasing life.
Why is that I allow myself to sulk in this slumber when I have the power to change all the negative hurtful things I feel about myself?

The answer is simple I am weak and not yet willing to change.
This is the point where I realize I must go with what I know…I slowly join my hands and bow my head and began to pray

Lord I come to you full of confusion, pain and hurt and I ask that you provide me with the steps to slowly start helping fade these things away. I know that with you in my corner I cannot fail, I know that once I instill my trust in you I will succeed.

Today I ask for courage and strength to remove all undesirable things and people from my path and to have a light shone on a positive direction and outlook on life.