Prayer for the community of Baltimore

(Baltimore )

Oh God ALMIGHTY, kind and dear Sir, please help this city get back on its feet. There is so much violence and sin, but I know God, that You are watching over us, and that You’ve got everything under control.

I ask that You protect all those involved in this, especially for the policemen and innocent civilians. That everyone will unite in this time of unrest to bring back peace. I pray dear Father, that this may be over soon and that no one else may get hurt. And for those who are hurt, that they may get better soon.

I pray for their wellbeing and those of their loved ones. Also for the ones causing this commotion, i pray that they may realize what they are doing and be ashamed. That they may repent and let Your Son Jesus Christ into their hearts. I pray for the salvation of everybody and that we might be who You want us to be, doing Your will at all time and bringing You glory!!

Dear God thank You for everything, even this, and may Your will be done and not mine!! All this i ask in the name of Your Son and our Savior Jesus Christ. He died for us so please gelp us live for Him! And please help us repent and then please forgive our sins. AMEN!!

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