Prayer for the Betterment of My Relationship with My Husband

by Monika (India)

Lord please help me and my husband. We are fighting everyday on pity issues and he asks for separation now and then in anger. I know he loves me a lot but is not able to understand me. please strengthen our bond .may our understanding and love flourish day by day.

I really love him and want to be with him . Please lord guide us and bless us for a healthy hearty successful life full of understanding and love. I wish he understands that he is not treating me right. may he love me a lot, care for me and understands my feelings emotions and never asks for the separation.

I wish success , money and lots of love for us. god please be with us. Amen.

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  1. Faith


    My prayers are with both of you

    Important please go to church each Sunday

    With your husband even if your both mad at each

    Other that morning See what the Lord does

    If does not want to go then you go by yourself

    Do not push or argue with him about going

    You set the example see what happens

    I know my wife and I been married 34 years

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