Prayer for the Beginning Of My New Life

by Dominick (Jamaica)

Dear Lord Jesus, I prayed and promise to make a commitment by give my heart and unconditional love to you Only if you could show me a way to a prosperous and fulfilling life. I have received your blessings and overcame the (1st) obstacle that was in my path and I am very grateful and happy inside my heart because i felt stuck for so long 6 years, and U have answered my call and blessed me Over and Over in 2013 🙂 …

When I ask to do things i don’t do things in my own strength and call for you O Lord … i activated my church life and go as often as i can and want to get baptize in your name and become a FULL Christian and be in you Army but I’m at my (2nd) obstacle i need a job o lord this is my 2nd interview and asking you to help me land this job i need to to help my family Mom need help with the bills, Daddy need help to buy gas to get to work and maintenance of the family car, Abby My little sister needs her school fee paid and a proper school bag to go to school that she would want.. and me i just want to be the best person as i can be and to help people around me as best as i can.

your son