Prayer for the appiication of my company bank account to be approved

by Priscilla (Zimbabwe)

Dear Lord I humbly come before you now thanking you for the precious gift of life and for showing your love for me by sending your only begotton Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross of Calvary to save me from my sins! Great are your mercies Precious Lord and Great are You. Your word tells us to ask and it shall be given, seek and we shall find, daily do I seek you Lord for without you I am lost and with great faith in your promises Lord I ask you to get my application for a business bank account to be approved despite the fact that I have been blacklisted by another bank.

I desparately need this bussness bank account Lord Jesus and who better do I have to ask besides you? I know Lord that nothing. Is impossible for you and because of that I thank you for hearong and answering my prayer. I plead for the protection of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ over myself, my business, my application and the hearts, hands and minds of all the people through which my application will pass. Thank you Precious Lord for prayers answered. Amen, Amen and Amen

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