Prayer for sustained belief and hope in Christ in the face of joblessness

Lord, this moment feels like the darkest hour of my life. When I look around, I am constantly reminded of what I lack, my inadequacies and how my poor choices have shaped my existence. I am so discouraged and feel as if failure is the only thing I am capable of. I’m drowning in emotion and pray that you will save me–especially from this defeatist’s mentality.

I realize Lord, that the wholeness, security and prosperity I seek, isn’t solely in the form of employment but rests in a genuine relationship with you. God, I am in desperate need of an undeniable encounter with you.Teach me to recognize your voice, so I can recognize your answers to my prayers. Comfort my heart so I am encouraged. Manifest your promises to me, so my hope is reinforced and I can continue to believe in your word. Purge me from the habits that have impeded my success. Direct my path. Strengthen me for the tasks that lie ahead.

I trust you to lead me to the position where I will thrive. I trust you to lead me to the individuals I can be a blessing to. I trust that talents you placed within me, will be used, as my gifts make room for me and bring me before influential men. God, you are my source–always providing for me. Although, I don’t know what the future holds, I do know that I can place my complete confidence in you and never be made ashamed.

So I thank you for honoring my request and look forward to the fulfillment of them. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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