Prayer for Surrendering Myself to God

by Ricky Stewart (Enumclaw,Washington)

My heavenly father today I surrender to you with an open heart,I thank you for sending us your only begotten son to be crucified for our sins i now realize how much you love us and how much we mean to you,I also thank you for all that you do for me without me knowing that you have done it, and I thank you for for my gift of healing.

I also know that you know that I am fighting colon cancer and that I suffer with mass pain,depression,and insurmountable medical bills.I am praying to you today to please find it in your will that some way some how that a motor home or a travel trailer for my wife and I to live in as I can not afford my rent as it is currently,my brother in law will allow us to live in it on his property with out charge.

Dear father I could make payments,please find it in some ones heart to help us out,please let that brother or sister know that I have a good heart and have worked hard and honest all my adult years and that this illness has left me without resources to help myself and my wife.Dear God I love you and the lord Jesus,in you name I pray Amen