Prayer for support and guidance through trials

Our Great God and Father, You are the God who spoke into existence all that there is and ever will be. You are perfect. You are the source of all that is good. Father, You are love. In this time, please guide the heart and mind of my spouse as she struggles bitterly with anxiety, stress, and depression. Remind her frequently that You are near, and You are the greatest comforter. Fill her heart with hope. Fortify her mind with peace. Father, in her darkest times help me reflect your brightest light through actions and words of understanding, love, hope, and peace. Give me strength every day to be a strong foundation for our young marriage. Provide for us your wisdom as you freely give to those who seek it. Without You, Father we know we would surely be lost. You are the highest hope of our short days in this world. We seek Your truth in all things and desire to magnify You in all we say and do.

It is through Your Son that we humbly pray, Amen.