Prayer for Supernatural growth, confidence, and removal of depression and anxiety due to short stature

by Chinedu “Chin” ()

I am going through spiritual warfare and depression now due to my lack of good height. I have been praying for God to increase my height just slightly by 1 to 3 inches maximum for the past 8 months now, ever since last year August, and before I was overweight and a little fat but now I have slimmed down significantly and am now almost slim but haven’t really gained a centimeter. I have depression due to this because I am the shortest in my family including my parents are taller than me, my elder sister has always been tall, she is about 5 ft 11.75 inches tall and my little brother is almost 5 feet and almost 7 years old. I am past puberty (about to turn 24 next week) and faced with the only option of getting limb lengthening surgery to be taller but to get an affordable price I have to travel all the way to Turkey or some country and stay there for 6 months because in the USA it is way too expensive to get it here. My legs are also long to my torso height and I have always wanted a longer torso and I have tried hanging on a pull up bar but even that for make does not make me taller and on some days I measure less on the wall when I measure myself by shrinking by a half to one inch even. Even some days I measure shorter than the day before even when I stretch which annoys me as I don’t want to lose any height and I would prefer to at least stay the same height and not shrink and fear I may have osteoporosis which makes my back weak and may cause me to lose height prematurely. Not to measure myself at 5 ft 8 and a quarter inch in the morning then the next day find myself under that height. I am 5 ft 7.75 inches ( my morning height is 5 ft 8.25 inches) and I feel very short, I don’t even want to be 6 feet. I just want to be even 5 ft 9.75 or even 5 ft 10 will do, 5 ft 11 is the maximum I want. Is it a sin to ask God to increase my height by only a little? I found a miracle herbal supplement that is made in the Philippines but comes from Turkey and I felt it working and once saw that I was almost 5 ft 9 but I feel this was temporary height and it wasn’t permanent and soon after I felt my body wanting to elongate but my body experienced negative side effects from it as I had depersonalization and extreme anxiety from the supplement so I had to stop taking it and now the side effects have gone. In addition I don’t even know why I am having this depression and anxiety. It came about when I realized that I was shorter than average. If God can’t make me taller then I want to at least have the illusion of being taller and not noticing at all that others are taller than me by feeling much taller than I actually am myself. Or maybe I can ask God to remove this feeling altogether and accept the sad truth that I will be relatively short for the rest of my life and not think about it although I would prefer this not be the case. Another option is maybe I get a miracle reveal by my doctor that my growth plates are still open but that is unlikely. Or my insurance can pay all the money for my leg lengthening surgery here in the USA in the next couple of years when they decide take me off of it at 26 in the next two years. Although as I said before I really would love for my upper body, neck and spine to lengthen a little as they are already short compared to my legs. So I preferably want a supernatural growth spurt of 2 inches or 2.5 inches so that I will not have to lengthen my legs by that much to be taller. Or I if the Lord increased my height to just over the 5 ft 11 mark without shoes on then I probably would not need leg lengthening surgery anyway as I imagine people would look down upon me and see me as insecure if I received surgery to grow taller in the first place. I wish I would have not stunted my growth as a teenager by sleeping late and not have worn heavy bag backs which gave me an anterior pelvic tilt which I find extremely hard to fix. And afraid that even if I fix it I will not gain any height whatsoever. I also wished I would have stretched and done the activities of hanging on a pull up bar then when my bones had not fused fully yet when I was younger. I have looked online for ways to grow taller naturally but everything has said that height is all genetic and the only way is surgery and I’m considering going that route even though I don’t want to due to societal shaming of people that attain limb lengthening surgery and the obvious expenses of the surgery and painful procedure. I tried a couple of programs such as Grow taller dynamics and currently using grow taller for Idiots which is very similar. Both of them require the use of HGH cocktails of which I began taking three months after first using Grow taller dynamics but I got food poisoning and had to be taken to the hospital and had to pay a lot of money to cover the emergency visit. So I’m scared to continue making the HGH cocktail for the similar program Grow taller for Idiots as I’m afraid it may get me sick so will instead rely on sprints every 2 days for HGH release. As I received this information from a book I am currently studying Grow taller after puberty by Dennis Raney. I have seen videos on YouTube of people attaining supernatural growth spurts of which there was a man that was 5 ft 2 that grew to 6 feet and there was were two men in my native home country Nigeria that received a supernatural growth spurt of 3 inches. I would really want that to happen for me, even 2 inches is enough. Or maybe for God to make me see myself as the same height as people who are 6ft tall and for me to not appear short at all to any person and for people to see me as being slightly taller even though I have not grown at all and still end up being 5 ft 8 so I don’t preferably have to go the route of leg lengthening surgery which I honestly don’t mind doing if that is the only option. I only pray I have a speedy recovery from surgery if God says that is the only way and the surgical pain is not excruciating and I don’t have any complications from the surgery and can return back to full physical capacity so that i can return to the sports I play and have the same athleticism as I did before the surgery. And finally for my insurance to cover the whole surgery preferably if that is the case. Other than that I would love a supernatural 2 inch growth spurt in my spine, neck, and upper body, and only one inch in my legs if it is possible. Or for motivation to keep stretching and exercising and taking the right supplements and nutrients so that I can add inches to my height. I also want to mention I had two prophetic dreams last year that I grew to over 6 ft 4 and I don’t even want to be that tall and it would honestly freak me and everyone I know out if that happened but if that is what it comes to be then I would prefer to be that height than to be very short the way I am. Ever since then I haven’t really had many signs and dreams that I would be taller. But I want a sign and motivation from God that if I keep striving and working hard I will receive my 3 inches to finally be 5 ft 11. Please pray that even if I don’t grow taller at all that I will grow closer to Jesus and will continue to love him and know that he loves me just the way I am and for him to understand I am not asking for too much. And to have gratitude in knowing that even though I am short that I am not the shortest person ever and there are still men that are shorter than me and people in much worse conditions than I am that are still proudly serving the Lord and need divine intervention. And to give me the ability to manage with elevator height increasing shoes for the meantime until my height is able to increase supernaturally or through surgery or to continue just accepting my height and wearing height increasing shoes which I just started wearing and don’t feel that comfortable yet.

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