Prayer for Super nature around miracles of Grace and Favor of God and man

by ILinda ()

Come in Jesus Christ ask need a Suddenly Swift Fast Right Financial MIRACLES like the one in 1 king 17 and 2 king4 As Act 19. -11 12. A might miracles shall DESTORY ALL work of Spirit Devil and evildoes that shall reverse the curse and destroy ALL work Satan and set God Rightness PEOPLES free from all work Satan his evil work and shall cast into the lake fire as promise by the Words of the Almighty God this night ILINDA and Tyler DECLARE it done Spirit realm so shall be this night in Nature realm that God amight word be true the wick SHALL PERISH shall dies and never shall be seem again say the lord thy God and SUPERNATURAL bring back Governments order to his Word for God is the Word into the World all over the world Jesus Christ Shall Regein for ever say the lord thy God ask for miracles need desire for me ILINDA and Tyler and Kevin Kendrick Antwan ALL Grandsons and Granddaughter and Latasha and Mungice and family Veronica Pastor Michael Thomas Bishop Randy and familys and Bishop T.D. Jake’s and Family and ministries Pastor. Paula White and Family Ministry and Body Christ and ALL my and Tyler Familys and Love one need touch and Miracles present of the to be total Deliavnce and ALL area By God Grace and Favor SHALL this night come upon us supernatural and reverse everythings Satan and Evil does mean bad it shall supernatural turnaround our favor our good we claim and we receive it right now it finishes say thy lord Jesus Savour Delivance Healing Restoration release all area of our life Right now it done amen the work of Satan nis defect by Blood Jesus Christ We DECLARE it Decree it total supernatural Victory this night in the name Jesus. Christ Amen love My lord Jesus amen step in cross over into New life .New beinning of season miracles and bless of great Harvest. Wealth and PROPERSITY Overflow and New Horizons We Claim and Receive it. Done amen

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