Prayer for Sufficient Funds

by JL (Texas)

Dear God- As I write this you know how I do not know how we will survive the next week without any cash flow until my husband’s next check, which will be exactly a week. I need someone to hire me for immediate cash flow to pay the rent, gas in the car to get a job, insurance for that car and the electric bill all of which are due next week or already behind. I pray for a job that will allow me to at least provide these things, not luxuries, just cash to get through everyday. I am now out of change to count and divide every day and don’t even have enough to gas to leave the house. I am overwhelming blessed by those who are helping as they can but I need a means to stand on my own and help my husband and take care of our two teenage daughters. Please God show me how to make that money to provide for my family.

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