Prayer for Successful Immigration

by Rose (England)

Since i have applied to the upper tribunals court NOV 2011 for reinstatement of our stay the UK homeoffice curtailed my visa after I ve lost my job as a nurse. Nov 2011, I received a letter saying the homeoffice is opposing my appeal up to now havent received any letter I’m wiv my husband who is my dependent we can’t work just relying on what we receive from people like dey will cook and we share dont have even lights in de house because we can’t afford every Monday we have to travel to the ukba office to report it cost 20.00.

We pray that our father who art in heaven will answer our prayers, my son have to leave college due to lack of funds my children are back home in South Africa I have been working as a nurse in the UK since 2003. I believe in prayers that can change a situation, sometimes I feel down thinking of my children and my granny I pray that Lord Jesus Christ will give me the desires of my heart and remove any veil of shame from us, because now its hard even those people I thought they were friends when we were still working they are nomore Im not angry because God have shown us who r true friends i believe in name of Jesus i want my indefinite stay here in UK we can live freely and work i refuse the spirit of begging, pray for my children to be saved.

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