Prayer for Successful Divorce

by Maria (Fayetteville NC)

Dear God almighty creater of Heaven and Earth,

I come to you looking for strength, understanding and wisdom.

Hopefully you can help me with the out come of my divorce…. that I will win what is fairly and under the law truly mine. You know now for 7 years I have lived with my husband, and he has manipulated me, hurt me physically emotionally and mentally, I have not been taken in to consideration on important decisions regarding our life as a couple and family.

He has cheated on me numerous times and has denied it. He has taken all my savings and had promised that we would have children, then decided that he would not get his vasectomy reversed after I had given him the money for the surgery up front.

He continued to take money from my savings account.

He refused to pay for child support for his children from a previous marriage, and because he was fired from his job, the money came from my portion of the tax refund. He cashed out his 401k plan, and the penalty came from my tax refund.

He has excessive credit card bills for gifts that he buys other women. I am away serving my country and he brings these other women to my bed.

He continues to yell at me when I try to work things out,and i have decided that I no longer can afford to have my soul tied to his. Antonio needs to move on with his life, without me in it.

I forgive him everything. I want nothing from him except what is rightfully my fair share. I want peace between us and I want this divorce to be amicable.

I thank you for the health and harmony in my family, the love we share, I give thanks for all of the blessings that you have bestowed upon me and all the world!!!

I need your armor of protection and your sword of victory!

I implore to you Great God please carry, sustain me and give my victory!

Your powerful name I pray!


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