Prayer for successful divorce

by Dee (Mexico)

Dear God almighty creater of Heaven and Earth,

I come to you looking for strenght, understanding and wisdom.

Hopefully you can help me with the out come of my divorce…. that I will win what is fairly and under the law truly mine. You know now for 28 years I have lived with my husband, and he has manipulated me, hurt me physically emotionally and mentally, I have not been taken in to consideration on important decisions regarding, our daughter Sofia or our life as a couple and family.

You know all the the good and bad that I have done you have seen my walk to where I am standing today….. I had to do many things that I did not feel was right, to protect myself!!! I did do this but only used everything until I realized he was putting his properties in the names of other people and creating co property ownerships.

Imagine where I would be if I did not have anything to back me up! I thank you for the grace and strenght up to now you have given me, I express my appreciation for my health, of my daughter her safety while she is in china and her safe return to mexico.

I thank you for the health and harmony in my family, the love we share, I give thanks for all of the blessings that you have bestowed upon me and all the world!!!

I need your armor of protection and your sword of victory!

I implore to you Great God please carry, sustain me and give my victory!

Your powerful name I pray!


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